Practice Areas:  
  • Alzheimer’s Families  
  • Anger Management  
  • Anxiety  
  • Assertiveness Training  
  • Bipolar Disorders  
  • Career Stress and Change  
  • Clinical Depression  
  • Communication Skills  
  • Crisis Intervention  
  • Domestic Violence  
  • Elder Abuse  
  • Foster Placement/Adoption  
  • Grief/Loss/Bereavement  
  • Gay/Lesbian Issues  
  • Life Transitions  
  • Marital/Relationship Issues  
  • Self-Esteem/Personal Growth  
  • Separation/Divorce  
  • Stress Management  
  • Single-Parenting/Step-Parenting  
  • Blended Families  
  • Victims of Crime  
  • Women’s Issues  
My Philosophy:
Anyone, no matter how difficult their present circumstances, can go forward and make positive changes. Providing counseling to people in distress for over 20 years, I believe, without reservation, that people are stronger than they think. Within this framework, I have four primary strategies when I work with clients:
- To help clients recognize the strengths they already have when they come to therapy.
- To help clients increase those strengths and acquire new ones.
- To help clients set realistic and achievable goals of their own choice.
- To help clients learn how best to use their own strengths in pursuit of their goals.
Clients often come to therapy seeking someone else to provide solutions to their problems. My goal is that clients will leave therapy with a refined understanding and empowerment that allows them to find their own solutions.
Jo Ann Wilder, MSW, LCSW

– Individual
– Couples
– Family Therapy
– Domestic Violence
– Relationship Building


About The Therapy I Offer:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT
CBT is based on the premise that one’s own thinking can have a strong impact on one’s feelings and behaviors. Changing one’s thinking can result in experiencing better feelings and actions. For example, when we find ourselves in difficult situations, it is possible to change our thinking and, as a result, to feel stronger and better able to resolve our problems on our own, regardless of outside
circumstances. CBT also helps you to identify the thinking patterns from which you are strengthened and doing well in your life.
Self Psychology
Self Psychology is based on the theory that healthy self-development in childhood proceeds from parents or other caregivers providing adequate response to the child's vital emotional needs. If the child is abused or neglected and these needs are not met in childhood, unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships may develop later in life.
My Resume/Biograpy (PDF)

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